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Theme 3 - Black Desert Story Through Con..

Posted By Tor On 08-08-2013 07:24 PM

Theme 3 on the mobile teaser website for Black Desert has just been released. The theme is titled Story. And it seems to tell four different stories of the past. Most of the stories seem to center around how some bosses came to be. I myself don't speak Korean, so I'm unable to translate this for you guys except with Google Translate. I just got them translated. But here is the images that were added.

It seems to be separated into parts. Each story part is different. Here is part 1.

1) The root of the Elien is originated in awe of "Black Stone"
2) "Spike" protects the ancient stone camber.
3) Ancient Technology unearth by the Mediah People to discover skills
4) The training camp of Mediah soldiers.

Part 2 - Imp Commander

1) Everyone laughs at his red nose in his childhood.
2) A wizard comes to him and said that he will be powered by a Black Stone ritual.
3) He grows up into a large imp with extraordinary intelligence.
4) He becomes Imp Commander, and the "red" becomes a taboo
5) Humans still laugh at him and call him "red nose".
6) Now, the Imp commander of Agris Alter "Red Nose" started attacking the western camp.

Part 3 - Goblin Patriarch

1) Gias, a centurion who destroyed all Imp across the western part of Valenos
2) He was banished outside the kingdom, through a political plot.
3) The centurion finds a goblin cave within an inch of his life.
4) After the black stone ritual was performed by the wizard, he wakes up.
5) He hides his face with a goat mask because he hates that he is human.

Part 4. Story of Pogun Patriarch.

1) The young Pogun patriarch was enjoying the festival.
2) A sandstorm blows up from beyond the wet lands.
3) The sandstorm sweeps over the wet lands and his entire village.
4) The young Pogun survives by digging through the sand with his tiny hands.
5) Overlooking the damage, he can no longer live here.
6) He and his reminding tribe look for new refuge.

And two random images

1) Dreaming of revenge, I am Commander Naga
2) The western camp's prisoner "Ogre"

These aren't the actual translation. Hopefully these can be translated soon...The next theme is set for the 16th.

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New Black Desert Monster Screens, and Co..

Posted By Tor On 08-01-2013 02:35 AM

Daum's teaser website for Pearl Abyss's upcoming MMO Black Desert has just been updated to now include "Theme 2" called "Monsters". There are a dozen or so brand-new screen shots. And a few old ones that we've seen. I'm asking/waiting on Pearl Abyss to upload the HD versions of the video and screen shots into their media kit. Until then, you can view the low-fi screen shots and video below. Please Enjoy!

I'll be uploading these to our Black Desert Gallery Section soon (Off to bed though, 3:35AM here). And here is the brand new video.

There is another "Theme Update" set for August 9th. No word on what it's going to be about yet. But fans we can rejoice because things are moving real quick now, compared to the last eight months of quietness.

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PearlAbyss is looking for a Part-Time Wo..

Posted By Tor On 07-29-2013 10:02 AM

You might have remembered when I posted this about them looking for Interns. Pearl Abyss is at it again but this time they are looking for part-time employees for testing Black Desert. This was posted on their facebook page.

This is for Korean only.
<아르바이트 채용 안내>

▶ [Daum] 대규모 MMORPG 검은사막 테스트 아르바이트 모집 ◀

1. 업무내용
- Daum 에서 서비스 예정인 검은사막 게임의 테스트 활동
- 플레이 테스트 및 게임분석
- 기획서 리뷰 및 테스트 케이스 작성
- 버그 리포트 및 테스트 결과 보고

2. 자격요건
- 평소 게임(MMORPG)을 좋아하고 즐기시는 분
- 게임 플레이 후, 분석적인 게임성 피드백이 가능하신 분
- 문서 작성 능력이 좋으신 분
- 꼼꼼하고 성실한 성격을 보유하신 분
- 조직에 쉽게 적응하고 커뮤니케이션 능력이 좋으신 분

3. 급여: 1,120,000원 (식대포함)
4. 근무기간: 2개월/ 10:00~19:00 (주 5일 근무)
5. 근무지: (주)다음커뮤니케이션 한남오피스

6. 접수 방법:

[Daum 검은사막 테스트 아르바이트]ooo입니다. 라는 메일 제목으로 i_am_alba@daum.net으로 이력서1부(사진부착)와 자기소개서1부를 MS Word로 작성하여, 하나의 문서로 통합하여 보내주세요.
Here is the rough English translation of what you need to qualify for this job.

Daum Part-Time Job Recruitment.

1. Business contents
- Test activity of Black Desert at Daum
- Gameplay test and game analysis
- Review of project document and write test case
- Report bugs and test result

2. Requirements for the job
- You enjoy MMORPG games
- You can write good documents
- You can provide us analytical feeback
- You are meticulous and honest
- You have good communication, and adapt to the group easily

3. Salary: 1,120,000 won (1,007 USD)

4. Service period: 2 months / 10:00 ~ 19:00 (5 days a week)
5. Where?: Daum Communication HanNam Office

6. How to apply:

Send e-mail to this adress i_am_alba@daum.net
Title of e-mail should be [Daum Black Desert Test Part-time job] I am 000.
Submit a resume with your picture. (use MS word. just one document)

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Black Desert Official Teaser Website Up!..

Posted By Tor On 07-25-2013 08:41 PM

Looks like the teaser website is officially up! This address was link on the Facebook page of Pearl Abyss by users 최정원 and Kim Hyun-Jin. It looks like a mobile optimized address.


No word yet if this is the promise website that we been hearing about. There's a brand new video (very short) and a dozen or so hd screen shots which I found more impressive. You can see some of the customization that players will be able to do. The video shows off some of the classes in a mini battle montage. There's an extra page called "Theme 2" which doesn't appear to be finished yet.

The 5th page lets you input your phone number to receive updates. And the last page allows you to leave a comment.

You can also download the video here for a higher quality than Youtube. http://www.blackdeserthq.com/gallery...er Trailer.mp4

Here are the new screenshots. What we can gather from these are that, facial features will be highly customizable, from hair, eyebrows, to facial hair.

Edit. Here are some higher resolution screen shots courtesy of Steparu.

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Confirmation From PearlAbyss, Website Co..

Posted By Tor On 07-25-2013 09:03 AM

Our Black Desert official page will be open soon(for Korean only), teaser movie clip, new screenshots, artwork and etc included.

As you know, the first closed beta test(CBT) is going to be begin at this Fall in Korean market, and we will recruit CBT members around that time. It requires Korean nationality(probably foreign IP will be blocked). We are still having meetings with many foreign publishers and hope to get a good news soon.

Meanwhile, we had a lot of things. We've worked on better quality of effect, animations, optimize performance, and specially user interface(UI). Also some of game design had been changed. We know many people are having confuse about class name, so we are now re-notice fixed class name.

- Warrior
- Ranger
- Sorcerer
- Giant
This was just posted on their official facebook page. Also another bit of tantalizing information came in an interview with Inven at ChinaJoy. ChinaJoy is China's E3 equivalent. The reason that the close beta was moved to fall was because they were not satisfy with UI (User Interface). Look at the one limited screenshot of the UI, I am amazed! It's looks gorgeous and super clean.

Call me impress.

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